Hannibal Lecter stills - Shiizakana

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So I love this. Look, they’re not even awkward or embarrassed here. She’s just grateful (and vocal about it, because she’s a perfect, considerate angel and wants to makes Inuyasha feel important and validated and good). It’s not because she’s surprised by it, but she seems very relieved and thankful every time.
Then Inuyasha’s taken aback by her gratitude because it just comes naturally for him to save her. Like what, did she think he wouldn’t? Why are you saying “thank you,” stupid? Of course I’m going to save you. That’s the thing I do. No thanks necessary. —I think he’s taking her kindness for granted, but that’s okay. Everyone else says thank you to him because they feel like they owe it to him. I think Kagome just says it out of sincere appreciation and to make him feel good about himself.
Just… ARGH they are so cute and silly and sweeeeet. I can’t even handle them. I can’t.

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Just put me back in London.”




"can you post the weirdest/dorkiest/silliest photos of jensen you can find?" - anonymous

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